Monday, June 27, 2011

I think the heat is getting to Erin!! She has authorized me to run a summer reprint sale...check it out!!! For all of you that have been contemplating ordering some extras for Grandma & is the time!!! Hurry and order today!
Stay cool~ Rachelle

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Great New Gifts for 2011!!

We are so excited to announce we now carry the very popular Gina Alexander Photo Handbags! A popular designer of the stars, her bags are faves for Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz and our own TN star, Faith Hill. It's the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, Easter, or Mother's Day! Gina's designs are for every age from grandmothers to pre teens. Come by and check out the variety of styles from the classic totes for pool, gym or baby items to striking designer handbags and even little wristlets and
cosmetic bags! You will be a hit when you give one as a
gift and you might just hafta have one for yourself!
Another coming attraction we can't wait to show you are "Drops of Joy", a lovely fashion jewelry line of sterling silver photo lockets and pendants unlike any you've seen. These beautiful keepsake pieces can be passed down for generations. Call to schedule an
appointment 615-595-9021 to be sure I'm not in a session. Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving week Sessions

**We have a couple sessions available Thanksgiving week!!**
Will your family be all together?? Well, then it's great time to get a family portrait!

It's not too late!! We are still doing holiday card sessions as well. Limited session times available. Call the studio today. 615.595.9021

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Matilda Jane Clothing Trunk Show!!

Come play dress up with us as we share this AMAZING clothing line with you!

McCaffrey Photography will offer special Matilda Jane Portrait specials to all customers who order (outside orders count too!!!). These clothes make for the cutest portraits....think Holiday Cards!! ;-) We will have special door prizes donated by McCaffrey Photography as well. **Hint...bring a guest or two (or their order) and you will get an added bonus!** So, bring your little girl, your niece, your neighbor....whomever you want to play dress up with and see what the buzz is all about!! It will be a lot of fun guaranteed!

If you cannot attend, please feel free to view the website and email or call us with your order. Note that they will launch the newest part of the collection until Oct 1st, so you will not see those images on the website until then. If you are planning on ordering by email or phone, please be sure to get your orders in before 9am on Tuesday, Oct 5th.

Note: This invitation (including portrait special) is open to all our clients, local or out of town. For our out of town clients, the Matilda Jane Portrait Special will come in the form of a gift certificate. ;-)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last call - OKC, Tulsa & Dallas!

Ok, all you Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Dallas clients, this is for you!!!!
I always feel bad when a client calls and wants to book, but I have to tell them that I don't have any more sessions available....SO PLEASE, don't make me have to say that to you! ;-)
Seriously, call the studio today 615.595.9021 if you want a Family/Fall/Holiday session.
We will be in town Sept 17th - Oct 4th. As of today, there are just a few sessions left.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I had just gone to see the movie “Sex In The City” where all the girls had just been flown to a foreign country for an exotic vacation.

The next morning I got a call from one of my clients, Krista Marie, an up and coming music artist, and she asked me if she could fly me (and my better half) to Italy for a week to photograph her wedding. I was soo excited!! Wow, Krista a celebrity and Marc, a big time music manager (Big and Rich to name a few) wanted me…..Erin McCaffrey…. to photograph the most special day of their lives! I was thrilled and honored!! So,..I started planning and packing for the up coming trip. I had been working my tail off for the past year so a trip was something I really needed!

All was going well, I'd packed all of my equipment and all of my cute new summer, strappy dresses, ( I had shopped for weeks getting the perfect outfits for the Amalfi coast.) Everything seemed perfect, except for a few mosquito bites on my arms from the last evening shoot I did. A few mosquito bites. No big deal. Or so I thought.

I was all cozied in on the plane headed for Rome, with a glass of wine and the movie “When In Rome”. I was smiling in anticipation of this wonderful adventure. Then, glancing down to check my arms where the mosquito bites were, it seemed to me that they were multiplying. No, I thought, that could not be! It must be my imagination. Then I felt some itchy spots around my jaw line …………and then…., I saw several tiny bumps crawling up to my cheeks. All of a sudden I felt my body begin to itch all over and I started freaking out. I went to the back of the plane to ask the flight attendant if she knew what could be going on. Did she have any Benadryl, did I have an allergy? To my horror the attendant informed me that she believed I had poison ivy!! What ? Poison ivy? Oh no, I'm thinking, …..I am going to a foreign country with this $%^& spreading on my body! I started to cry in front of the flight attendant and I was instantly in hell.

And the hell continued. When we arrived in Naples, I waited at the baggage claim and yes,…...more hell,….. no bags. They were left in Rome. Great! Poison ivy on my face and body, no clothes (people had been known to not get their bags for a week!)….. more tears!! I was beyond depressed and full of anxiety as I climbed into the cab that was going to take us from Naples to Amalfi. I now know first hand about Italians being crazy drivers. It was extremely dangerous and my stomach was doing flips, omg....I thought, I might “hurl”……

I tried to communicate with the cab driver to take me to a pharmacy. Unfortunately the pharmacy didn’t understand calamine lotion, but they sold me some steroid cream that did not do much good. I was really worried. What if my face got worse? I did not want to freak out the bride and all the guests. Was poison ivy contagious? Oh lord! Why me???

I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t just wait and see what the cream would do. So I got another expensive, dangerous cab ride to the hospital. I flew in the door, started talking a mile a minute to the doctor, telling him the whole story, “ Ok, I am a photographer from the US and I was doing a session in a field…… long will this take to go away????…….The doctor looked totally confused, finally, I said……………….”poison ivy'? He got out a really big fat needle…………I closed my eyes and……… ouch! Whew! Is it over??? I left the hospital praying that my face would clear up and I would get my luggage!!!! Please God!!

Well, my face cleared up pretty well in a day, at least I could cover it with makeup. It never cleared up on my arms though ( in fact, it spread to my stomach and legs) but thank goodness it was not visible on my face!!

Oh, and my bags arrived the next day. Yeah!

Although my trip started out a little rocky, it ended up fantastic!! Ok---now can we talk about the amazing wedding. Marc Oswald and Krista Marie, were married in the garden of the Hotel Santa Caterina, a luxurious five star hotel. The bride was gorgeous in a stunning RED gown, and the groom wore flip flops and a white linen suit. Sooo Hollywood! The reception dinner consisted of five sumptuous courses and the wine poured freely! I was in culinary heaven! The reception was on a private yacht where there were Nashville musicians playing great music, great deserts, fabulous drinks and interesting people. Oh, I forgot to mention, the night before the wedding Krista and Marc hosted a party on the yacht, with again, great food, drinks, and entertainment. Also, all the women were treated to a ladies spa night, where we had mani's, pedi's, facials and massages under the moonlight on the yacht, on the Mediterranean sea. It was amazing! What a fabulous night.

The trip was truly a blessing. The wedding was incredible. Amalfi was breathtaking. For the next few days we enjoyed our room with a spectacular view, and breakfast on the terrace, ….....and romantic meals with serenading musicians while we sipped our wine in outdoor cafes,…........there were fireworks at midnight……. It was magical.

Except for the ivy.

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